What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

No job is without hazards. If you have sustained injuries from a workplace accident and need workers’ compensation benefits, please read on, then contact an experienced Atlanta work injury lawyer to learn what you should know about workers’ compensation in Georgia.

What you should know about workers’ compensation in Georgia

Under Georgia law, workers’ compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer which may provide medical, rehabilitation, income, death and other benefits to employees and dependents due to injury, illness and death resulting from compensable work-related claims, covered by state law, that you sustained while working on the job. These benefits are provided to help you return to work. In Georgia, any business that regularly employs three or more people is required to have workers’ compensation insurance by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This includes full-time employees and part-time employees who work regularly on a part-time basis, i.e. those who work only on weekends. If you wait longer than 30 days, you may lose your benefits. That is why engaging the services of a qualified legal professional is a crucial first step in any successful claim.

What qualifies you for workers’ compensation in Georgia?

If the business you work for meets the above-mentioned criteria, you may receive workers’ compensation for the following injuries:

  • Lacerations, i.e. deep cuts or tears in skin or flesh
  • Sprains and strains, i.e. stretched or torn ligaments, muscles or tendons
  • Contusions
  • Burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Fractures
  • Cumulative or continuous trauma not otherwise specified

Keep in mind that any injuries sustained during participation in an off-duty recreational activity, while violating company policy, while committing a crime or while being intoxicated or inebriated will not be eligible for workers’ compensation.

How can an Atlanta personal injury attorney help you?

While engaging the services of a lawyer is not a prerequisite to winning your workers’ compensation claim, it is highly recommended. You see, your employer and their insurance company may have a vested interest in denying your claim. To that end, they will utilize every means at their disposal. You would be wise to reach out to a skilled Atlanta injury lawyer as a crucial first step toward getting your workers’ compensation claim approved. A qualified legal representative will appeal employer-denied claims and represent you in court, file a third-party negligence claim, file for social security disability benefits, obtain a doctor or medical test and recuperate lost wages. Don’t suffer in silence. Fight for your rights.


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