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The Jones & Jones Law Group is a family oriented, client-centered trial law firm that works to ensure the highest quality of representation for our clients. With almost twenty years of combined legal experience, we can help with car accident claims, personal injury lawsuits, criminal charges, and more. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.
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Imagine, you are out celebrating a friend’s wedding, your child’s graduation, your favorite team winning a championship, or just the upcoming weekend at a Happy Hour.  One drink becomes two.  Two drinks become more and before you know it is time to call it a night.  As you are driving home you see blue lights in your rearview mirror.  You may be a bit confused as you can only recall having a couple of drinks.  The officer pulls you over to the side of the road, has you take a bunch of tests and shines a bright shiny light into your eyes.  Next thing you know, you are sitting off on the side of the road or in the back of a squad car with handcuffs thinking, “I only had two drinks.”  Several hours later, what started off as a good time has now ended with you in a jail cell waiting to see a judge.  You are terrified.  What happened?  How long am I going to be in here?  Why did the officer take my license?  How can I get it back?  If you are reading this, then chances are, you experienced a similar scenario and have been charged with a DUI.  It is absolutely critical that you contact us immediately as there are strict deadlines that have to be met to preserve your license and prepare for the defense of your case.  When you work with Jones & Jones we sit down with you and examine the particular facts of your case, explain to you in detail the nature of your charges and answer the right questions in preparing your defense.  For example, why were you charged with a DUI per/se and/or DUI Less Safe?  Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop on your vehicle?  Was the arrest supported by probable cause? Did you consent to the field sobriety testing?  You need the right team defend you against DUI charges in Georgia.  In many cases, we have been successful in getting the charges dismissed or have been able to successfully negotiate with the prosecutor to get your charges significantly reduced.  While we cannot promise a particular outcome, our experience as former prosecutors give us a distinct advantage when we are advocating on your behalf. You want someone that knows the system to protect you against it.  In fact, our team consists of a former Assistant Solicitor General who prosecuted DUIs for a living; you want us on your side.  Don’t go it alone!  Call Jones & Jones!

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