Judith Jones is a partner at the Jones & Jones Law Group, LLC. She is an accomplished accident lawyer. As an accident lawyer, she is committed to helping her clients navigate through their auto accident cases. As a result of suffering a serious injury from a cement truck and having her case mishandled by a well-known injury attorney, Attorney Jones is committed to helping people with their auto injury and property damage claims so that they can focus on recovery. She understands the importance of handling her clients’ cases with honesty and integrity. She fights hard to get her clients what they deserve. Let her do the work of dealing with the insurance company while you focus on your recovery!

Attorney Judith Jones is also a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Before joining the Jones & Jones Law Group, she prosecuted thousands of misdemeanors including DUI’s, Batteries, Marijuana possession, traffic violations and a myriad of others. She now uses her prosecutorial experiences to successfully defend others against the prosecution of misdemeanor charges. Unlike other attorneys, her dual experience has allowed her to not only effectively defend her clients but also to be able to properly inform clients of the charges they are facing. You do not need just any criminal defense attorney to handle your DUI or misdemeanor charge, you need a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta who has the experience and the knowledge to fiercely guard your rights and your driving privileges and to navigate you through the legal system.

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