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In Georgia, you can get paid for injuries that you receive due to the negligence of another. Under Georgia law, negligence is defined as the failure to observe, for the protection of the interests of another person, that degree of care, precaution, and vigilance which the circumstances demand, resulting in the injury to another person. When many people hear the term “personal injury” they think of injuries from a car accident. While car accident claims are common, the field of personal injury is much broader than collisions on the road. Here are some other examples of personal injury cases:

  1. You are walking home and your neighbor’s dog comes running from her yard and bites you on the leg;
  2. You are at your favorite restaurant and the waitress drops a glass of beer on your head that shatters and cuts your head;
  3. You are at the grocery store and slip on a liquid on the ground. As a result of the fall, you injure your hip resulting in surgery;
  4. You are visiting a friend at an apartment complex and you are viciously beaten, assaulted and robbed by strangers;
  5. You lose a loved one under the care and supervision of a nursing home;
  6. You fall down a manhole because the city failed to replace it after completing construction in the area;
  7. You develop a severe nail infection after receiving a pedicure at your favorite nail salon.

These are all examples of personal injuries that may result in a cash settlement or verdict. One thing that is critical to remember is that personal injury cases are usually taken on what is called a contingency fee basis. In other words, you do not pay anything for our services unless we are able to recover money for your injuries. This fact is not unique to our Firm or any other law firm. What sets us apart is our commitment to provide our clients with individualized attention, compassion and communication. We are not a settlement mill; you are not another number or case. We fight for every dime of what you are entitled to for your injuries and your overall health and well-being is very important to us. We work with you to help you accomplish maximum recovery physically and financially. If you are injured due to the negligence of another “Don’t Go It Alone! Call Jones & Jones!” (404) 731-0000.

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